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Phil Davis vs. Karl Albrektsson – Bellator 231

Co-main event of Bellator 231 event, Phil Davis vs. Karl Albrektsson is on the line. Phil Davis is back in the octagon, fighting this time agains Swedish young fighter.


Round 1

The fight started by both fighter slow. Both of the trying to get use to the opponent, the distance…

Davis landed a good kick and grab Karl in attempt of standing guillotine but he escaped easily.

Davis landed another good leg kick.

First takedown goes for Phil, more than one minute before the end of the round. Using the cage, Karl was able to stand up on the feet and land couple good jabs.

Round one is over, very close round but having one takedown, and Karl being most of the round in defensive mode – this round goes to Phil.


Round 2

Karl connected nice 1-2 combination and started creating pressure on Phil.

Good body kick by Karl, who is looking more agresive in second round.

Phil is pressing Karl against the cage, looking for a take down but Karl defend it and starts throwing jabs.

Big right hand by Phil and Karl fell down, he was rocked  but he stood up fast. Phil tries to put him down, but Karl’s takedown defence looks OK.

Phil manages to take him down,  started throwing knees on the body but Karl was able to stand up again using the cage.

10 seconds before the Karl was able to defend all Phil’s take downs attempt but he gets a knee from Phil just before the round is over

Another good round by Phil.


Round 3

Karl started again little bit more agresive probably knowing that he is behind on points. Phil connected couple of good shots, Karls goes down and Phil is all over him.Phil is holding his back and keep landing strong shots… this is close to end.

Karl was not defending any more and referee jumped in and stopped the fight at 3:06 of round 3