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Frank Mir vs Roy Nelson – Bellator 231 play by play

Frank Mir (18-13-0) vs Roy Nelson(23-17-0) is the main event of Bellator 231, two experienced heavyweight fighters will go in the cage and we can expect a good fight.

Both fighter are in the cage, and fight will start soon.

Round 1

Fight started, Roy took the center of the cage  and putting pressure on Frank. Roy tries to set up his right hand hand but Frank is moving very good with cage behind his back.

Great two leg kicks by Frank, and the put Roy out of the balance for a moment.

Roy keeps putting pressure by moving and forcing Frank to be with his back to the cage but Frank land couple more good leg kicks.

Nice spinning back kick by Frank, one minute before the end of the round.

Roy landed good body shot and uppercut  just before the end of the round.

Very close round, but small advantage to Roy for controlling the cage and putting constant pressure on Frank


Round 2

Roy is looking loose but Frank landed another leg kick. good right hand by Roy and Frank throw another leg kick.
Frank connect another good leg kick and goes with a high kick which did not land clean.

Good uppercut by Roy, Frank answers with a straight punch and another leg kick… and another.

The leg kicks are making a damage and affecting his movement and creates opening. Now the Frank has a clear target.

Round is over – this one goes to Frank for making more damage and controlling the fight most of the round.


Round 3

Frank starts the round with another leg kick and switch to high kick which did not land clean, again. Frank tried to land a body kick bit it lands on Roy’s groin and referee gave couple of min to Roy to recover.

Fight is back on, Frank lands another leg kick, Roy counter it with strong right hand which did not land clean.

Roy landed couple of clean shots, and Franks face is little nit bloody.

Roy is creating pressure on Frank, looking for that right hand.

10 seconds before the and Roy puts Frank against the cage and scores a takedown. Fight finishes with Roy on top of Frank.

Round goes to Roy – but we will see official decision.

Good fight.



Frank Mir defeated Roy Nelson by decision 30-27, 29-28, 29-28