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Brent Primus vs Tim Wilde – winner Brent Primus submission go-go plata round 1 1:20

1st round – great right hook by Wilde, he dropped Primus and ended up in his guard. Primus was able to set go-go plata with Wilde on top. Wilde was forced to tap. In second minute of first round.
The fight is over!

Fabian Edvards vs Falco Neto – winner Fabien Edvards TKO –  round 1 3:51

1st round – Neto started the fight very strong, using his wrestling on Edvards. He was able to put him down couple of times. Edvards was on the ground and Neto was standing on top of him, and Edvards landed 3 up-kicks. Neto’s legs become shaky, Edvards stood up and landed right hook which dropped Neto, but he was already out from up-kicks. Referee jumped in and stopped the fight at 3:51 of round 1.

 Derek Campos vs Pedro Carvalho –  winner Pedro Carvalho by TKO – round 1 2:03

1st round – Carvalho opened up fight with couple of strong body kicks, followed 2-3 punches combinations. Campos took him down, but Carvalho was able to stand up, land another string body kick and again put the combination of couple straight punches. Campos fell down, and Carvalho followed him and released a barrage of ground and pound strikes. Referee Leon Roberts jumped in and stopped the fight.

Raymond Daniels vs Wilker Barros – winner Raymond Daniels by KO – round 1 4:36

1st round  – what a performance by Daniels, He trowed couple of spinning back kicks to Barros’s body and after 3rd one he fall down, stood up but just to get hit by right hook and he went to sleep.


Saul Rogers vs Aiden Lee – winner by decision Saul Rogers 30-27 ,30-27 ,30-27  

1st round – Rogers tried to pick up and throw to Lee to the canvas bit failed, and finally after couple of attempts he scores a takedown. He got Lee in body lock and keeping pressure on him all the time. Lee defended couple of guillotine attempts. Lee finally find his way up, and fight is back in standing position. At the end of the round Rogers tried another takedown. Very dynamic fight.

2nd round – good knee by Lee. Lee started to faints, but Rogers scores another takedown and fight is on the ground again. Good ground and pound by Rogers. Lee found his way up again, and they finish the round in standing position

3rd round – now Lee scores a takedown at the beginning of final round. Good ground and pound by Lee. Rogers was able to overturn the position and he is on top.Submission attempt by Rogers but defended by Lee. 10 sec before the end another submission attempt by Rogers but Lee turn it around and finish the fight on top.

Brian Moore vs Binh Son Le – winner by submission Moore 30-26, 30-25, 30-25

1st round –  Moore is chasing and  Son le is back pedalling. Moore was also able to connect couple of good straight punches. Son le is pressed to the cage and Moore was able to score a takedown, but lee stand up very quickly. Moore was able to connect 1-2 combination just before the end of the first round.

2nd round – Moore is forcing Le to be all the time with his back to the cage. At the same time he is scoring some good punches. Now he scored the takedown, Le tries to stand up but with no success. le is bleeding from the nose, and not able to stand up any more by the end of the round. Moore was able to have a submission attempt couple seconds before the end of the round

3rd round –  Moore is dominating Le, he is all over him. Another takedown for Moore, Le just can not shake of from Moore’s pressure.
Dominant performance by Moore, no finish but a clear win.


Kane Mousah vs Meteusz Piskorz – winner by decision Kane Mousah 30-27, 30-27,30-27

1st round – a lot of fighting for a position on a cage sides. Couple of takedown defence from both fighters, no clear shots

2nd round – Piskorz landed some good knees from the clinch. Good high kick by Piskorz, followed by one-two and takedown attempt. Another takedown by Piskorz, but Mousah was able to stand up. Good straight punches by Mousah, and Piskorz was down, but recovered soon. Good hand technics by Mousah, Piskorz is in defensive mode but he scores  a takedown which is overturned by Mousah. Good round for Mousah.

3rd round – good shots from Mousah, Piskorz is pressed to fence, but he scores a takedown. Mousah again overturn takedown into his advantage, now he is on top. Mousah was able to hold Pisokrz down till the end of the round.

James Mulheron vs Lee Chadwick – decision Lee Chadwick 29-28, 30-27,30-27

1st round –  Mulheron opened round very good, He was more aggressive fighter and Chadwick was mostly defending.Mulheron was pushing but with no clear shots. Overall Mulheron was controlling the cage.

2nd round – a lot of fighting for the position on the fence, and looks like Mulheron again was more able to control opponent. Couple of punch exchanges but no clear shots

3rd round – Chadwick pressed Mulheron against the cage and doing some dirty boxing preparing the takedown, but good takedown defence by Mulheron. One minute before the end, Mulheron pressed Hadwick against the cage, but he turned him around very quickly and continued with his dirty boxing and takedown attempts. Last couple of seconds both fighters ended up swinging but no real damage.


Yannick Bahati  vs  Amir Dadovic – Bahati by submission (kimura) round 1 3:00

1st round – Bahati looked much stronger in the cage, he put Dadovic on back very soon and from there he started to work on submission. He was able to lock kimura in 3rd minute and Dadovic was forced to tap.

Dominique Wooding vs David Khalsa –  TKO Dominique Wooding 2:43

1st round – wow what a performance by Wooding. His striking is second to none, Khalsa just did not had a chance against him. Wooding started with some strong low kicks and soon bruise showed up in Khalsa’s leg. Wooding started to mix some good hand technics and he dropped Khalsa two times and make significant damage. After he dropped him for 3rd time, referee  Leon Roberts stepped in and stopped the fight at 2:43 at round 1.

Jim Wallhead vs Giorgio Pietrini – decision Jim Wallhead 29-27, 30-26,30-27

1st round – Pietrini opened up fight with some couple of good shots. Wallhead was kind of passive in the beginning but as the later stages of the round one he was able to find openings in Pietrini defense. Pietrini was able to deliver some strong low kicks

2nd round – More love kicks  from Pietrini. Jim scores a takedown but Giorgio was able to stand up very quickly. Jim is looking more aggressive in this round …and he scores another takedown but this time he is able to take Pietrini down for some time. However Pietrini found his way up again, and we back to stand up fight.

One minute before the end of the round, Jim scores another takedown and he finish the round in dominant position

3rd round – another low kick by Pietrini. Wallhead scores another takedown but this time he was able to deliver some good ground and pound. Fight ended up by Jim in dominant position on the ground.
After the fight Jim was limping on right leg because of those low kicks

Gavin Hughes vs Mohammad Yahya – submission rear naked choke 4:51 round 2

1st round – Yahya started a fight very good, he landed couple of strong punches. Hughes decided to take him down and fight on the ground for big part of first round. Yahya found his way up 30 second before the end of the round but just to give another takedown to Hughes.

2nd round – Hughes landed low kick which put Yahya out of the balance and Hughes turn it immediately to successful takedown.Soon Hughes  took back of Yahya and from them it was Hughes only. He looked up rear naked choke and put a lot of pressure on Yahya’s neck and looked like he is not going to tap – but he decided to do so because it was no way out


Craig Turner vs Ashley Reece – Reece by decision  30:27, 30:27, 30:27

1st round – Turner was in defensive mode first round, Reece was looking for takedown which he was able to achieve at the end of first round and was able to finish the round in dominant position

2nd round – Reece was keeping his pace and he put a lot of pressure on Turner. Reece was able to take two takedowns,  and also was able to finish the second round again in dominant position on the ground

3rd round – again Reece demonstrate his wrestling skills, he did not wanted to stay a second in stand up fight with Turner. He took him down again and holding him  for full round. No real damage, but Turner was not able to shake him off.

Dan Cassel vs John Nicholls – TKO  Dan Cassel round 1 3:09

1st round – Dan Cassel put Nicholls on the back early in the round 1 and was able to keep him down and creating the position for ground and pound which he was able to execute and finish the fight with strong elbows

Akonne Wanliss vs Sam Slater – TKO Wanliss round 2 3:55

1st round- Akonne was dominant it stand up fight, he was able to rock Sam couple of times but without really intention to finish. Sam tried couple of takedowns but without success.

2nd round – Akonne stopped Sam takedown at the beginning of the round, and from that point he was picking apart Sam with straight shots and in 3:55 he was able to finish him with couple of hard punches

Raphael Uchegbu vs Lee Percival – submission Raphael Uchegbu round 1 2:14

1st round – Raphael was able to put lee down and quickly set up deep triangle choke. Lee tapped and fight was over at

Nicolo Solli vs Simon Ridgway – TKO Nicolo round 2 4:32

1st round –Simon started round very good, been able to hit Nicolo with couple straight punches and a good knee. Then he got warning from the referee for grabbing the fence and later on one point was deducted from him for same reason. At the end of the round Nicolo was able to take him down but Simon ended up fight but heal hook attempt

2sn round – fight was mainly happening on the ground, Simon put Nicolo in position for heal hook, holding and trying to lock it down but without success. 30 sec before the end of the round Nicolo turn over Simon in mount position and ended up fight with ground and pound



Kieran Lister vs Constantin Gnusariov – draw

1st round – both fighters were trying to put their tempo of the fight but with no significant success

2nd round – Lister was able to hold down Constantin for almost full round in body lock, but could not really make damage

3rd round – this time Constantin took Kieran down and was holding him for full round, tryied to do some ground and pound at the end of the round.