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Anthony Rumble Johnson arrested for an alleged assault

Anthony “Rumble” Johnson was arrested by Miami police for domestic violence. His girlfriend called a police after they had an argument and, as she told police, he “picked her up and carried her into another room during an argument.” said multiple reports.

According to police, woman said that she wanted to pack his belongings  to move him out of the house when he  picked her up in a ‘football hold’ her and carried her in another room. Alleged victim says that she was scared due his size and his MMA experience, she also added that she asked for a phone and Johnson gave it to her and she went to balcony and call 911.

Johnson stated that they had an argument and he went to room to pack his belongings because he wanted to leave. Alleged victim was following him to a room and continue the argument, Johnson asked her to leave him alone and stop arguing but she did not, so he admitted that he picked her up and moved her to another room with no intention to harm her.

According to police, alleged victim did not had any visible injuries, and she also refused to complete written statement.

The police report states that the alleged victim did not have any visible injuries. The alleged victim refused to complete a written statement.

In his closing comments the arresting deputy wrote, “I believe Johnson actually and intentionally touched [the alleged victim] against her will, which is a violation of P. S. S. 784.03(1) Battery/Domestic Battery.” – reports bloody elbow.