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Bellator 296 play-by-play

Bellator 296, Gegard Mousasi vs Fabian Edwards, play-by-play live from Accor Arena Paris, France.

Light Heavyweight Bout: Simon Biyong (9-2) vs. Jose Augusto (7-4, 1 NC)

Round 1

Simon opened up the fight with a good middle kick, Jose response with a strong right hook but hi misses. Good left-right hooks exchange from both fighters, but Simon was able to push him against the cage. Good right hand by Simon, now Jose is with his back against the cage.
Jose landed a couple of good haymakers and looks like Simon is hurt, but he manage to put Jose against the cage and waiting for end of the round.

cage.news score: 10-9 Jose Augusto

Round 2

Good leg kick by Jose. Simon got him in the clinch and tried to land some knees, but not successfully.

3 powerful punches by Simon, Jose is against the cage. Good exit by Jose, he landed a good elbow on the way out, followed by the right hand. Round ended by Simon holding Jose against the cage.

cage.news score: 10-10

Round 3

Standing exchange by both fighters, Jose landed right hook, but Simon got him down and held his back. Good defense by Jose, Simon still got the clinch but was not able to make

# damage. Simon is still pushing but Jose was able to land strong knee and elbow. Jose was able to reverse the position, landed another elbow, Simon is bleeding and fight is over.

cage.news score 10:9 Jose Augusto

Official score: 30-27, 29-28, 30-27 Jose Augusto

Welterweight Bout: Bourama Camara (5-2) vs. Romain Debienne (8-4)

Round 1

Both fighters are trying to read the opponent, throwing some kicks and punches but no success.Camara is having cage controller, and Debienne is on the back foot. Good right hand by Debienne, but Camara is still holding the pace. Jabs and left hook are working for Camara, he landed already a couple of them. Good head kick followed by left hook by Camara, round is over.

cage.news score 10:8 Camara

Round 2

Camara took the center the cage and applied pressure on Debienne, but he landed a couple of good kicks followed by a clean right hand and Camara is on the canvas. Debienne jumped on him with a couple of good punches, but no defense by Camara…. the referee jumped in to protect Camara and stopped the fight.

KO for Romain Debienne.

official results: KO 1:04 round 2 – winner Romain Debienne

Contract Weight Bout (150 lbs): Asael Adjoudj (5-1) vs. Georges Sasu (4-2)

Round 1

Sasu landed good right hand, and put Asael against the cage, but Asael reverse the position. Takedown for Asaul, he put Sasu in the air and scores a first takedown.
Sasu tried to stand up, but Asael got him down again.

Asael controlling the fight from the top, Sasu not able to stand up, and for the end of the round he tried to finish with guillotine, but with no succes.

cage.news score 10:8 Asael Adjoudj

Round 2

Sasu started the round really well, with a couple of good kicks, putting the pressure on Asael who is on the back foot .
Strong high kick and Asael is on the canvas, but he manages to stand up.

Good counter by Asael, high kick, followed by right hand, then another high kick, spinning back kick… Sasu is hurt, but still fighting…

Asael got him down, and landed some good elbows, Sasu is tired…
Good elbow by Asael, Sasu is still down… round ends.

cage.news score 10:9 Asael

Round 3

Sasu took the center of the cage again but Asael is the one who is landing, knee, kick ….

Godd 1-2 by Sasu… but no big damage.

Asael tried to land a takedown, but Sasu reverse it and now he got him on the ground with 3 min to end

Asael, is trying to stand up but Sasu took his back, and placed him back to the canvas landing good punches. Sasu is trying to find something to finish the fight, Asael not able to stand up… 1 min to go

Good punches by Sasu, Asael is flat on his back

Fight is over.

cage.news score 10:8 Sasu

Official score: 29-28, 29-28, 29-27 Asael Adjoudj

Featherweight Bout: Fabacary Diatta (8-1) vs. Keir Harvie (5-2-2)

Round 1

Diatta, dominating the round with clean punches, jabs, hooks everything is working for him. Harvie’s face is already completely bloody.

Harvie took Diatta, down but he stood up, took Harvie down and landed strong ground and pound.

cage.news score 10-7 Diatta

Round 2

Clean right hook by Diatta, Harvie is down… this fight is close to be over.

Harvie manages to stand up, but Diatta put him down again… ground and pound… Harvie is bleeding badly, but he manages to stand up. Diatta continues with clean punches, looks like Harvie have no answer to his attacks. Harvie shoot for takedown, but Diatta reverse it, and ends up on top.

Round is over.

cage.news 10-7 Diatta

Round 3

Diatta continues with landing clean punches, and Harvie shoots again for a takedown – reversed by Diatta. Ground and pound by Diatta, Harvie tries to stand up but no success. 1 min to the end, Harvie managed to stand up, but Diatta put him down again…ground and pound, Harvei put the reversed triangle choke, but fight is over.

Clear victory for Diatta.

cage.news score 10-7 Diatta

Official score: 30:27, 30-26 Diatta Fabacary

Lightweight Bout: Chris Gonzalez (8-2) vs. Tim Wilde (15-4-1)

Contract Weight Bout (141 lbs): Sarvarjon Khamidov (14-0) vs. Kevin Petshi (18-5)

official score: Submission, rear naked choke round 3 1:33 Khamidov

Featherweight Bout: Yves Landu (18-9) vs. Piotr Niedzielski (17-5)

Round 1

Big support from the audience for Yves Landu in the opening round. Piotr took the center of the stage, both fighters are checking the opponent…

Low kick by Piotr followed by the left hand but missed. Yves playing counter-attacks, but Piotr is pushing forward. Yves throw a middle kick, blocked by Piotr and Yves is on his back, but Piotr let him stand up.

cage.news score 10:9 Piotr

Round 2

Clean left hook by Yves in the opening seconds of the round 2, Piotr looked rocked, followed by a missed kick and Piotr is back in the fight.

Good low kick by Yves. Nice counter left by Piotr, who is still controlling the cage.
Clean right by Yves, now he is controlling the pace, with huge support from the audience.

Yves tried takedown but was stopped by Piotr. Flying knee attempt by Yves for the end of the round but he missed.

cage.news score 10:9 Yves

Round 3

Clean left by Yves, Piotr is down, followed by clean right and Piotr ended up in kimura, but he escaped.

Both fighters are up again.

Clean left by Ivey, but Piotr shoots for takedown and he got Yves on his back.

Piotr controlling him on the ground slowly advancing in the positions… good defence by Yves.

Yves managed to stand up and lands a clean spinning elbow.

Succesfull takedown for Yves for the end of the round.

cage.news score 10:10

official score: 29-28 Yves Landu

Lightweight Bout: Davy Gallon (21-8-2) vs. Saul Rogers (15-5)

Round 1

Big pressure by Saul, couple of clean punches… Davy is on the back foot, with back to the cage.

Takedown by Saul… Darce choke by Saul, Davy is not moving and referred stopped the fight. But Davy was not out, he is protesting … a bad call by the referee.

official score: darce choke 2:12 round 1 Saul Rogers
Bout later overturned to a no-contest after a replay review of the stoppage

Welterweight Bout: Oliver Enkamp (11-3) vs. Luca Poclit (8-1)

Round 1

Right hook by Oliver, Luca shoots for a takedown and he got it, 4 min to the end of the first round. Oliver reverses it and he is on top. The attempt of guillotine choke by Oliver, but Luca is defending it well and he ends up on top. Oliver is constantly trying to attack from his back, Luca defends it, and keeps the top position.Luca lands couple of elbows, but Oliver is setting up triangle choke… round is over

cage news score: 10:9 Luca

Round 2

Round 3

Luca got the takedown, and Enkamp is again fighting from the back, but Luca is defending and keeping his position. Good triangle choke attempt by Oliver, but Luca escaped.

Luca was able to keep his position on the top, and stop all attempts from Oliver.

cage.news score 10:9 Luca

official score: 30-27, 29-28 Luca Poclit

Flyweight Bout: #6-Denise Kielholtz (6-5) vs. Paula Cristina (6-1)

Round 1

Paula took the center of the cage, but no real attack. Denise tried with a front kick, but she misses it. Not much action, Paula is using her movement to put pressure on Denise, nice left by Denis.

Good exchange at the end of the round, but nothing lands clear from both fighter.

cage.news score 10:9 Paula

Round 2

Pressure continues by Paola, but Denise is much more successful with her counterattack. She landed a couple of clean punches while moving backward. Paula is controlling the cage, but Denise is the one who is landing clean punches. A takedown attempt by Paula, was stopped by Denise.

cage.news score: 10:9 Denise

Round 3

Still pressure from Paula, and couple clean jabs by Denise. After couple of clean punches, Denise took the lead and Paula is moving backwards.
Fight is over

cage.news score: 10:9 Denise

official score: 29-28, 30-27 Denise Kielholtz

MAIN CARD Bellator 296

LightweightBout: Thibault Gouti (14-6) vs. Kane Mousah (14-4)

Round 1

Good round for Gouti, he managed to drop once Mousah, controlling the fight and landing more clean punches.

cage.news score 10:9 Gouti

Round 2

Mousah pushing the pace, good low kick… middle kick by Mousah…

The crowd is supporting home fighter Gouti, but he is on the back foot this round.

Mousah, continues with the pressure, another good middle kick…clean one-two by Mousah, Gouti countered with a clean right Mousah is out, the referee jumped in and the fight is stopped.

official score 3:59, by KO Thibault Gouti

Middleweight Bout: Douglas Lima (32-11) vs. #10-Costello van Steenis (14-2)

Round 1

Slowly opener, Lima landed low kick, Costello turn it into a takedown, Lima reverse it and both fighters are up. Head kick by Costello blocked by Lima. Another low kick by Lima… Missed low kick by Lima, and takedown by Costello, Lima quickly got up… round is over.

cage.news score 10-9 Lima

Round 2

Lima managed to land couple more low kicks, these kicks are really adding up. Costello changed guard and went for a takedown, stopped by Lima. Costello is still pushing and he finally make it, Lima is on his back away from the cage.

cage.news score 10-9 Lima

Round 3

Lima slowed the pace of figther the down, landing a couple of low kicks, Costello tried takedowns but all stopped by Lima. he continue to control the fight and finish it stopping all attempts from Costello.

official score: 29-28 Douglas Lima

Lightweight World Grand Prix semifinal: Brent Primus vs Mansour Barnaoui

What a first round, so much action, Mansour was pushing from the start of the round, Primus countered with a couple of his good shots. Non stop back and forth action, but at the end we will give first round to Mansour.

cage.news scoring 10-9 Mansour

Round 2

Mansour started strong, landing good 1-2 combination, but Primus was able to put him down and slow the pace. Primus got him and a coke and it was very close to finish but Mansour manage to defend it.

Primus is still on top… Primus is controlling Mansour, he is not able to stand up, but Primus is also not able to land some good shots.

20 seconds before the end round , Mansour reverse the position and now he is on top.

Round is over

cage.news score 10:9 Primus

Round 3

What a round, complete domination first 3 minutes by Mansour, landed clean shots, elbows, jabs at one point it looked like the fight should be stopped. Then he took Primus down who looked really tired, and controlling him until Primus reverse the position 1 min before the end of the round and keep controcontrolll until the end.

cage. news score 10-9 Mansour

Round 4

Stand up fight, Primus is attacking, landing some shots but with no power in them. Both fighters are tired. Primus managed to took him down, Mansour tried triangle choke from the back – defended by Primus.

Primus got him again in an arm triangle choke, Mansour defends but Primus is still squeezing. Mansour was unable to change the position, and Primus was holding him in same position for more than minute. At the end of round Mansour managed to change the position but Primus got his back.

cage.news score 10-8 Primus

Round 5

Primus landed couple good 1-2 combinations, both fighters are tired. Primus shoots for takedown and he got it with 4 minutes to the end.

Primus got his back ,attempted rear naked choke, Mansour defends it, but Primus still have controll.

Primus is holding the body lock, Mansour our defends his neck no power any more to make some big changes.Primus got him in a rear naked choked, looks tight but no success.

The fight is over

cage.news score 10-8 Primus

official score 48-47,48-47,48-47 Brent Primus

Middleweight title fight: Gegard Mousasi (c) vs Fabian Edwards

official score 49-46, 49-46, 49-46 Fabian Edwards