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Cro Cop defeated Roy Nelson

Rematch between Roy Nelson and Cro Cop did not gave us so much excitement. Both fighters were forcing the clinch fight so we saw a lot of pushing against the cage. And in these situations Cro Cop was able to land couple of elbows and he looked stronger.
Nelson tried couple o times to go for take down but Cro Cop stopped all of these attempts.

However, in last seconds of last round Nelson finally manage to take Cro Cop down but it was too late for Nelson to do much.

Fight went to distance and the winner was Cro Cop by unanimous decision.

Interesting fact is that Cro Cop never lost a rematch. In his career he has 7 rematches and he won them all!

In cage interview Cro Cop said:

Roy is tough like always. It was more mentally hard for me than physically. It’s always hard to go into rematch when you lose the first fight.