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MVP defeated Paul Daley

Michael “Venom” Page was a victorious in five rounds fight agains Paul Daley. Both fighters were very careful in the opening round. And none of them was engaging, and the first round finished without real contact.
In the second round both fighters looks little bit more relaxed, MVP started switching stances and trying to throw some crazy combination but nothing was landing. Daley pushed MVP against the cage and he was able to take him down with 2 mins until the end of round. Page was not able to get up  until the end of the round, but Daley was also not able to make any serious damage. Last 10 seconds in the round, and Page was able to find his way to stand up, but on his way up Daley lands a strong left hook followed by right hook. Page looked little bit rocked, Daley tried to land one more hook but he missed and Page grab him in a clinch and the round is over.

In round 3 and the rest of the match it was clear that Daley’s strategy was to take MVP down and try to make some damage there. He was able to take him down couple more times but not making real damage. On the other side MVP was able to stand up from couple of take downs, and land couple of some crazy combination from his arsenal which was enough to win this fight.

MVP is moving to the next round of Bellator Welterweight Grand Prix and in the next fight he will be facing Douglas Lima.