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Michael Venom Page vs Richard Kiely – Bellator Dublin

Michael Venom Page vs Richard Kiely – another highlight win for Michael with a stoppage in first round. Fight was stopped at 2:47 at very first round, but a lot of things happen in these almost 3 minutes! Warnings from referee, point deduction, and a flying knee at th end.

Page was dominating whole fight, playing his game of faints and very fast and precise punches.As a part of his game is also playing with an opponent and making it as a showtime.
At one moment Page was leaning forward and pointing to his chin trying to provoke Kiely.Kiely  throw a left uppercut and miss, Page smiles to him and but Kiely showed him middle finger. Referee Dan Miragliotta saw this, stopped the fight and warned both fighters. Not clear why he was warning  both fighters.
“Talking shit” and showing “the finger” is actually a trade mark of both Diaz brothers, and they never been warned inside of the cage because of that.

Soon after that, Michael Page was in dominant position on the ground, throwing ground and pound and making “showman” moves which, again, Dan Miragliotta did nit liked. He stood him up, from dominant position and deduct one point from him.

At this Point Michael went with full power moving forward, and he stopped Richard Kiely in round one by KO.
Official time, 2:47 , round 1

After the fight Michael Venom Page said that Dan Miragliotta called him a piece of sh*t inside of the cage.