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James Gallagher vs Roman Salazar

James Gallagher defeated Roman Salazar in a main event of Bellator Dublin, via guillotine choke in just 35 seconds. But what a show was that, home supporters favorite Gallagher enter the arena dancing and whole arena was dancing with him including his friend Conor McGregor who came to support him. Gallagher enter the cage took the center of the ring with his hand raised, clearly enjoying the moment.

Fight started, James throw a flying knee but Roman slip it and it did not land very well. From the knee, Gallagher grab the neck of Salazar and pull guard holding up deep guillotine choke and this was the beginning if the end.
Roman Salazar tapped at 35 seconds of very first round.

But then the show started, from the speakers started the Cranberries song “Zombie” – kind of non official anthem of Ireland, and the whole arena was singing. What a experience.

Take a glimpse of that atmosphere: