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David Green: Roberto Soldic vs Paul Daley could happen!

Head of Bellator Europe, David Green, was asked about cross-promotion between KSW and Bellator, and specifically about the possible fight between Croatian Roberto Soldić and Paul Daley.
Green answered: “Look, you just have to look what Scots Coker has done throughout his career but  even recently with our deal with the Rizin and having co-fights over there…we are always up for that sort of thing. Martin (KSW) runs a really good operation at KSW Poland, he got some great fighters there and huge audience… i don’t think that would be out of the question…”

Both of these fighters, Roberto Soldić and Paul Daley have won their last fights. Daley defeated  Erik Silva back in June at Bellator 223, while Soldić defeated Michał Pietrzak in September at KSW London.

KSW is having the event in Croatia on 9th of November, and everybody are expecting that Roberto Soldić should fight in that card. That event in Croatia is mostly there because of Soldić, and his dominant performance in KSW. Soldić also mentioned many times that it would be his dream to fight in Croatia, and taking in consideration what status of a star he has in KSW – most likely his wish will be fulfilled by KSW.Having an opponent of a Paul Daley’s level, would be just sugar in top.

KSW did not announced that fight yet, but odds are good that we could see this fight in Zagreb Croatia.