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Mousasi defeated Machida by decision

Gegard Mousasi defeated Lyoto Machida by split decision in main event of Bellator 228. The judge score was: 28-29, 29-28, 30-27 for  Gegard Mousasi.
The fight itself was a very tactical fight, Gegard was picking his attacks very carefully, knowing that Machida is a counter attack fighter. This puts pressure on Machida, because he could lose a fight on points. So Machida initiated couple attacks, but Mousasi counter them dropping Machida already in first round.
In round two and three, pretty much the same story. Mousasi was doing enough just to win on points, and Machida was not dangerous in his attacks. And the thing that most likely decided the fight, was a take down which Mousasi scored in a middle of last round and being able to hold him down to the end of the round. Machida tried to submit him from the bottom, but without success.

In the cage interview, Mousasi said: “…i had to fight like this” and said that rematch for the title is next 100% for him.