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Fury vs Wilder – video highlights

Tyson Fury displayed a dominant performance against the “Bronze bomber” and now former champion Deontay Wilder. At the moment of stoppage, Wilder was bleeding from mouth and ear and he looked very unstable on his feet.

Fury opened the fight very aggressive, putting some pressure on Wilder from round one. Fury was landing clear combination punches and on of them landed right on the ear of Wilder and he fell down in at the end of round 3. But looked like he was never recovered from that punch. In later rounds he was obviously having problems with the balance and blood was purring from that ear.

In the round 7, Fury push him to the corner and started landing a set of body-head combinations and there was no response from Wilder. In that moment, Wilder’s corner throws in a towel and fight is over.

TKO at 1:39 of round 7 to become the NEW WBC heavyweight champion and here are some MMA reactions



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