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Adesanya vs Romero -video highlights – play by play

UFC 248 main event, Israel Adesanya vs Yoel Romero is about to happen in Las Vegas. Both fighters are in the cage, and here you cna follow play by play



Round 1

Fight started and Yoel is just standing in the middle of the ring and not moving at all. He covered his face in a defensive guard and just standing there. Adesanya is little bit confused…
OK now he is back to normal movement ๐Ÿ™‚
Both fighters are in a “reading process”, they both try to read the movements of the opponent. Adesayna tried to throw left jab, Yoel duck it and landed huge overhand left.


Round 2

Yoel landed another huge overhand left, Adesanya took it very well.
Adesanya is throwing some low kicks, but more to get the reaction from Yoel and not really to hurt him.
Yoel is in his mood of slow movement, but now he just exploded. He counter Adesanya with couple of punches and it did looked dangerous.
Adesayna was mostly controlling the octagon but not really making the damage. Yoel was the one who landed couple of strong punches in this round.


Round 3

Yoel opened a round with aย capoeira rolling kick, but did not land. Adesanya is still looking for openings and not really engaging. He is faking different things but nothing is landing.

Romero just landed left hook, but hi slipped and pull back from attack.
Nice front kick to the body by Adesanya, followed by string mid kick.
Front kick to the face, by Adesanya. Adesanya looks much better now, looks like he found his range and rhythm.

He finished round with nice high kick.


Round 4

Referee warned both fighters beforo the start of the 4th round, that they have give something to judges to score, that they need to engage more.
Not much is happening in the begining of the 4th round, we do not see real engagement.
Romero just got poked to the eye.
We are back in action.
Yoel landed a take down soon as the fight started again, but Izy stoodย  up.
Referee is warning the fighters that they need to engage.
Another string low kick by Adesanya, and this one landed good. Romero shoot for another takedown, stopped by Izy but Romero lands nice left hook on the way out.

Round 5

Final round started. Yoel opened with a big left overhand which landed, but he is not throwing nothing after that. Not much is happening….
Yoel tried another takedown, stopped by Izzy… Izzy landed another low kick… Nice left hook again by Yoel, Izzy looked of the balance for the moment, but Yoel is not throwing nothing after that.
Romero now landed couple combination, which landed and Izzy is running away from him. Yoel tries to engage but Adesanya is refusing…
Nice low kick by Adesanya, but Romero finished round attacking Izzy and landing some strong punches. Yoel looked really upset for not engaging and he was yelling on Adesanya at the end of the 5th round.

We will wait for judges decision…

48-47, 48-47, 49-46 – and still… Israel Adesanya…
Crowd is booing

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