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Jake Paul Surprised by Nate Diaz’s Power in Boxing Match

Jake Paul expresses surprise at Nate Diaz’s power in their recent boxing match. Paul also discusses the dangers of heavier gloves in boxing and the possibility of an MMA rematch with Diaz.

Jake Paul recently faced off against Nate Diaz in a boxing match in Dallas, Texas. Despite his best efforts, Diaz fell short in a 10-round unanimous decision against Paul. This win kept Paul undefeated at 5-0 in his boxing career.

Paul expressed surprise at Diaz’s power, especially considering Diaz’s past opponent, Conor McGregor. Paul believes that McGregor has lost his edge as a fighter, citing Diaz’s ability to hurt him in their previous match. Paul also discussed the dangers of heavier gloves in boxing.

Diaz’s Power and McGregor’s Decline

Jake Paul was surprised by Nate Diaz’s power during their boxing match. Diaz, known for his MMA career, dealt damage to Paul’s past opponents, including Conor McGregor. Paul expressed his belief that McGregor is no longer a good fighter, stating that Diaz was able to hurt him in their fight. Paul was impressed by Diaz’s ability to drop his opponents and cause them to wobble.

The Dangers of Heavier Gloves

Paul also discussed the dangers of heavier gloves in boxing. He argued that heavier gloves can actually be more dangerous due to the increased surface area and impact on the head. Paul compared being hit with a 10-pound sledgehammer versus a five-pound sledgehammer, emphasizing the potential trauma caused by a larger surface area.

MMA Rematch Possibility

Although their boxing match is over, Jake Paul and Nate Diaz have discussed the possibility of facing each other in an MMA rematch. Paul, known for his knockout power, nearly put Diaz away in round five of their boxing match. The idea of a rematch in the MMA world has generated interest among fans.

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