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Olympic Gold Medalist Claressa Shields Signs Multi-Year Deal with Professional Fighters League

Olympic gold medalist Claressa Shields signs a multi-year deal with the Professional Fighters League. Get ready for her highly anticipated return to the cage in 2024 at 158 pounds.

Claressa Shields, a two-time Olympic gold medalist and three-division boxing world champion, is set to make her return to the MMA world. In an exciting announcement, Shields and the Professional Fighters League (PFL) revealed a multi-year agreement on Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2023. Fans can expect to see Shields step into the cage once again in 2024, this time competing at 158 pounds.

Shields, known for her incredible achievements in boxing, has decided to expand her horizons and test her skills in the world of mixed martial arts. With an impressive track record, including being the first American boxer to win back-to-back Olympic gold medals, Shields is ready to take on a new challenge.

The partnership between Shields and the PFL has generated significant buzz within the combat sports community. As one of the most accomplished female boxers in history, Shields brings a wealth of talent and experience to the MMA arena. Her decision to join the PFL showcases the organization’s commitment to attracting top-tier athletes and providing a platform for them to showcase their skills.

Shields’ transition from boxing to MMA is not unprecedented. In recent years, several high-profile boxers have made the move to mixed martial arts, seeking fresh opportunities and new avenues to display their abilities. The likes of Conor McGregor and Holly Holm have successfully transitioned from boxing to MMA, proving that the skills acquired in one discipline can be adapted and utilized in another.

With her exceptional athleticism, technical prowess, and relentless determination, Shields is poised to make a significant impact in the MMA world. Her boxing background equips her with a solid foundation of striking skills, footwork, and defensive techniques, which will undoubtedly play a crucial role in her success inside the cage.

As Shields prepares for her debut in the PFL, fans and pundits alike eagerly anticipate her first opponent. The 158-pound weight class is highly competitive, and Shields will face formidable adversaries who are equally determined to make their mark in the sport. The PFL’s roster boasts a talented pool of fighters, and each bout promises to be a thrilling display of skill and strategy.

In addition to her upcoming fights, Shields’ partnership with the PFL opens up new possibilities for her career. The organization’s unique format, featuring a regular season, playoffs, and a championship event, provides fighters with multiple opportunities to compete and earn substantial rewards. Shields’ presence in the PFL adds another layer of excitement and star power to an already captivating league.

In conclusion, Claressa Shields’ decision to join the Professional Fighters League marks an exciting chapter in her illustrious career. As she embarks on her journey in the world of MMA, Shields brings with her an impressive boxing pedigree and a hunger for new challenges. Fans can expect fireworks when Shields steps into the cage, ready to showcase her skills and prove that she is a force to be reckoned with in any combat sport.

Fight Results

Date Weight Class Opponent Result
2024 158 lbs TBA TBA