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Ben Askren Claims Jorge Masvidal is Scared of Being Embarrassed in Potential Rematch

Former welterweight contender Ben Askren challenges Jorge Masvidal to a potential rematch in mixed martial arts. Askren claims Masvidal is scared of being embarrassed and vows to dominate him with his wrestling skills.

Ben Askren Challenges Jorge Masvidal to Rematch

Former welterweight contender, Ben Askren, has called out Jorge Masvidal for a potential rematch in mixed martial arts. Askren, who retired in 2019 after undergoing hip surgery, recently faced Jake Paul in a boxing match and suffered a first-round knockout loss. Despite this setback, Askren expressed interest in returning to the octagon and specifically targeting Masvidal.

In a recent interview on Daniel Cormier’s YouTube channel, Askren accused Masvidal of being scared of being embarrassed. He claimed that he would dominate Masvidal with his wrestling skills, leaving him with mat burns and a sense of humiliation. This bold statement comes after weeks of social media exchanges between the two fighters.

The history between Askren and Masvidal dates back to their infamous matchup in July 2019. Askren, known for his wrestling prowess, was knocked out by Masvidal’s flying knee in just five seconds, setting a record for the fastest knockout in UFC history.

Despite the devastating loss, Askren remains determined to prove himself against Masvidal. He believes that Masvidal’s hesitation to accept the rematch is rooted in his fear of being embarrassed once again.

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