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Mayra Bueno Silva’s Emotional Victory and Deserving of UFC Belt

Read about Mayra Bueno Silva’s emotional victory and her deserving shot at the UFC belt. Learn about her battle with depression and her dominant performance in the octagon.

| Mayra opens up about her battle with depression and encourages others to seek help
| Mayra believes she deserves a shot at the UFC belt after beating a former champion
| She calls out Juliana for a title fight
| Mayra’s dominant performances and finishing ability set her apart
| Fight results: Mayra Bueno Silva wins in round 2 at 38 seconds

Ladies and gentlemen, the standing Guillotine submission comes officially 38 seconds into round number two. Mayra Bueno Silva emerges as the winner, showcasing her skills and determination in the octagon. In an exclusive interview, we dive into her thoughts and emotions after the fight.

A Battle with Depression

In a heartfelt moment, Mayra opens up about her recent struggle with depression. She shares how she felt that life had lost its value and meaning. However, she found solace in the support of her team and a special person who stood by her side. Mayra’s message to others facing similar challenges is to reach out for help and know that victory is always within reach.

“If you have any issues and you want to talk, find somebody to reach out to. The victory is always there, just go for it.” – Mayra Bueno Silva

Beating a Former UFC Champion

Mayra’s victory over a former UFC champion is a milestone in her career. The emotions she feels are overwhelming, and she believes that she deserves a shot at the UFC belt. Her dominant performances and ability to finish fights set her apart from others.

“I deserve the belt. I am the new face. I finish my fights and give a show for everybody.” – Mayra Bueno Silva

The Road to Greatness

Mayra’s journey has been filled with ups and downs, but her determination and passion have brought her to this moment. She calls out Juliana, expressing her desire for a title fight. Mayra believes that she has what it takes to become the champion and represent Brazil.

“I deserve this. This is my belt. This is Brazilian pride.” – Mayra Bueno Silva

Fight Results

Round Time Result
2 0:38 Mayra Bueno Silva wins

Mayra Bueno Silva’s victory is a testament to her skill, resilience, and unwavering spirit. She has proven herself as a force to be reckoned with in the UFC.