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Jack Della Maddalena vs. Bassil Hafez: An Epic Battle at UFC Vegas 77

Read about the thrilling battle between Jack Della Maddalena and Bassil Hafez at UFC Vegas 77. Find out who emerged victorious in this epic Welterweight contest.

In a thrilling Welterweight contest at UFC Vegas 77, Jack Della Maddalena and Bassil Hafez went head-to-head in a fight that exceeded all expectations. The fight took place at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada, and lasted the full 15 minutes.

The fight began with Hafez showcasing his power by executing a powerful double leg takedown, securing top position. Della Maddalena, however, quickly countered with a guillotine choke attempt and managed to return to his feet. Despite Della Maddalena’s efforts, Hafez continued to apply pressure, scoring another takedown and threatening with an arm triangle choke. It was clear that Della Maddalena was in for a tough fight.

As the second round commenced, Della Maddalena displayed his resilience by denying Hafez’s takedown attempts and landing effective body shots. Hafez, visibly fatigued, struggled to keep up with Della Maddalena’s relentless attacks. Della Maddalena seemed to be closing in on a potential finish, but a questionable decision to attempt another guillotine choke landed him on his back. Despite this setback, Della Maddalena maintained control and dominated the remainder of the round.

Entering the final round, both fighters were visibly exhausted. Della Maddalena capitalized on Hafez’s fatigue, delivering a flurry of strikes along the fence. Hafez found himself in a compromised position and was unable to mount a significant offense. Della Maddalena took advantage of the situation, taking Hafez’s back and relentlessly pursuing the finish. Although he lost top position in the process, Della Maddalena’s dominance in the grappling exchanges secured him the victory.

After a grueling battle, the judges awarded Jack Della Maddalena the split-decision win. It was a hard-fought victory that showcased Della Maddalena’s determination and resilience. Despite facing challenges such as cutting weight twice in a week, Della Maddalena emerged triumphant.

Fight Results

Fighter Result
Jack Della Maddalena Win (Split-decision)
Bassil Hafez Loss

This epic clash between Jack Della Maddalena and Bassil Hafez will be remembered as one of the most exciting fights in recent UFC history. Both fighters displayed incredible skill and heart, leaving fans on the edge of their seats throughout the entire bout.

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