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KSW61 – Kita vs Stosic – play by play

KSW 61 Heavyweight fight between Polish Michal Kita  and Serbian Darko Stosic. You can follow live play by play here on cage.news

Round 1

Kita opened the fight very good, he is the controlling the cage and setting up the pace. Stosic is mostly coveing him up and trying to avoid Kita’s punches… Nice combination by Kita…

Stosic is back to the cage most o the fight.. Kita is picking him up…body shots…1-2 combinations…

Stosic drops a takedown feint but he landed over hook right and down goes Kita. Kita is on the back in the middle of the cage and Stosic landed a flying overhook and Kita is out. Referee jumped in and stopped the fight 55 seconds before the end of round 1.