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KSW 61 – Mysiala vs Erslan – play by play & video

Przemyslaw Mysiala vs Ivan Erslan lightheavyweight fight is about to start. Follow live play by play on cage.news


Round 1

Both fighters started very carefully the fight, Erslan is controlling center of the cage… a lot of feints but no real connected punches.
Nice combination from Erslan, Mysiala is swinging haymakers bit nothing landed clean yet.
Mysiala took over the control of the cage… good take down by Mysiala but Erslan went straight up.
Nice jabs by Mysiala.. but Erslan landed good right hand and Mysiala is rocked… Erslan landed couple more good combinations and Mysiala is on the ground. Erslan followed and finish him with ground and pound
Erslan stopped Mysiala by TKO in round 1.