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Lewis vs Latifi – play by play and video highlights

UFC 247 Derrick Lewis agains Ilir Latifi. First fight of main card, Lewis will welcome Latifi to heavyweight division.

Fight is starting:

Round 1

Nice high kick by Lewis, but blocked by Latifi. Lewis throwe another right high kick which pas partially landed. Latifi got Lewis in the clinch tried takedown but blocked by Lewis.
Lewis got himself out of the clinch and strike back with flying knee, but Latifi got lewis again in clinch against the cage.

Clean round for Lewis.

Round 2

Lewis started with another high kick, this time left one. Latifi answers with nice low kick.Latifi landed another right low kick, and Lewis answered with another flying knee but Latifi got him in again in a clinch against the fence. Latifi landed a takedown and he got big man on his back. Latifi still having Lewis on the ground trying to land some punches but Lewis is blocking them all. There was not so many action on the ground and referre stand them up.  But Latifi managed to got him on the ground again, and this time he landed couple of punches .

This round could go to Latifi.


Round 3

Lewis open the round with strong right hand, but Latifi answers counter hook. Lewis tried another flying knee, but Latifi got him again in clinch and set him to the ground quickly. Latifi landed couple of punches, but Lewis again is blocking most of them. Lewis managed to get up and lands a flying knee again. Latifi having him in double hooks and put him against the cage. And another takedown by Latifi but Lewis got back up again. Latifi looks tired, and Lewis landed another high kick. Latifi got him against the cage but Lewis shakes him off and started landing some serious punches. Latifi is surviving here and the fight is over.
This round could go to Lewis.

Winner by unanimous decision:  Derrick Lewis 29-28.




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