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MIrsad Bektic vs Dan Ige – play by play and video highlights

Round 1

Ige started  fight very good. he got Bektic on the ground, but Bektic found his way up and eat a couple good shots by Ige. Ige is looking stronger in any exchange. Bektic looked rocked couple of times already. Bektic tried to land a takedown, stopped by Ige and he lands a strong right hand. Bektic tries another takedown again blocked by Ige. Bektic partially landed  spinning back elbow and the round is over.

Clear round for Ige.

Round 2

Bektic started round much better, landing couple of good shots. Bektic landed a takedown and he got Ige on his back. Landing couple knees to the body on grounded Ige. Ige found his way back to his feet but Bektic lands another double legs takedown. Bektic is having control on the ground, and now he is trying neck  chocke. Bektic  got him in full mount, still squeezing the neck of Ige. Ige is out of the choke. And the round is over with Bektic on top.

Clear round for Bektic.

Round 3

Both fighter started last round slowly, Ige is having octagon control landing couple of good leg kicks. Bektic have Ige against the cage trying to make a takedown but good defence by Ige. And they are separated by referee.Good right hand by Ige. Good left by Bektic, and nice counter right by Ige. Looks like Ige is wining those stand up exchanges again. Another takedown attempt by Bektic, Ige partialy blocked and looked like he got Bektic in armbar but Bektic ends up on top. Ige sweep him and he is back up. But Bektic scores another takedown and he git his back. Fight is over Bektic ends it in domninat position.

Hard to score this one, but it could go to Bektic.


Scores: 29-28 Bektic, 29-28 Ige, 29-28 Dan Ige – Winner Dan Ige



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