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Daniel Cormier’s Prediction for a Nate Diaz vs Jake Paul MMA Fight

Read about Daniel Cormier’s prediction for a potential Nate Diaz vs Jake Paul MMA fight. Conor McGregor’s fight with Michael Chandler and Stephen Thompson’s decision to decline a UFC 291 matchup are also discussed.

Immediately after their boxing contest, Jake Paul expressed his desire to face Nate Diaz in an MMA fight. Diaz seemed open to the idea, highlighting his previous victory over Paul in the ring. However, UFC commentator and former champion Daniel Cormier doubts whether Paul will follow through on his plans. Despite winning the boxing match, Cormier believes there were enough indications to make Paul think twice about stepping into the cage with Diaz.

In a recent video on his YouTube channel, Cormier discussed the potential fight with Ben Askren. He expressed skepticism about its occurrence but stated that if it does happen, there will be no doubt about the favorite. Cormier confidently predicted that Nate Diaz would submit Jake Paul in an MMA fight. He also noted that Paul’s best chance of dominating Diaz was in boxing, where he failed to knock him out as many expected.

Conor McGregor’s Potential Fight with Michael Chandler

Conor McGregor’s anticipated fight with Michael Chandler has faced numerous twists and turns. Recently, McGregor stated that the UFC no longer wants the fight. This declaration has raised questions and criticism about when McGregor will face Chandler, as he has called out other lightweights instead. The uncertainty surrounding McGregor’s return date has led to growing doubts that Chandler will get the promised fight.

Chael Sonnen expressed disappointment in McGregor’s actions, believing that he should honor his word and be held accountable for the delay. Sonnen acknowledged that McGregor’s strategy of generating buzz around the fight has been effective. However, he emphasized the importance of staying true to commitments.

Stephen Thompson’s Decision to Decline UFC 291 Matchup

Stephen Thompson made the decision to decline a fight at UFC 291 after his opponent, Michel Pereira, missed weight. Thompson, who has never missed weight himself, stood firm in his refusal to accept a catchweight bout. Additionally, Thompson revealed that he had not been paid for showing up and making weight, further adding to his disappointment.

UFC President Dana White responded to Thompson’s grievances during a press conference for Tuesday’s Contender Series episode. White clarified that fighters do not get paid if they choose not to fight. He explained that if a fighter decides not to take a bout, they do not receive compensation. However, White emphasized that the UFC takes care of fighters who come in on short notice or face unforeseen circumstances.


  • Daniel Cormier doubts Jake Paul’s willingness to face Nate Diaz in an MMA fight after their boxing match.
  • Cormier predicts that if the fight happens, Nate Diaz will submit Jake Paul.
  • Conor McGregor’s potential fight with Michael Chandler is uncertain, with doubts growing about its occurrence.
  • Chael Sonnen believes McGregor should honor his commitment to fight Chandler.
  • Stephen Thompson declined a fight at UFC 291 after his opponent missed weight.
  • Thompson expressed disappointment at not being paid for showing up and making weight.
  • Dana White clarified that fighters do not get paid if they choose not to fight.
Fight Results
Nate Diaz wins by submission