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Southpaw Michael Vargas: The Journey of a Passionate MMA Fighter

Discover the journey of Michael Vargas, a passionate MMA fighter. From his humble beginnings to his impressive victories, Vargas’s love for MMA remains unwavering.

Michael Vargas, a southpaw fighter, recently showcased his skills in his second amateur Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) bout at True Revelation 48. The fight took place on September 24, 2022, in Ottumwa, Iowa. Vargas’s impressive performance resulted in a decisive first-round victory over his opponent, Dominick Morris. Let’s delve into Vargas’s journey and his passion for combat sports.

Vargas, originally from Puerto Rico, moved to Washington, Iowa, from Connecticut a year ago. His wife, Catrina, played a crucial role in encouraging him to pursue combat sports. They watched The Ultimate Fighter together, and Vargas became intrigued by the world of MMA. At the age of 23, he decided to give it a try.

Initially, Vargas felt intimidated and nervous in the gym. It took him some time to adjust to the lifestyle and training regimen. He humorously remarked, ‘I’ll be a UFC champion before you know it.’ However, he soon realized that success in MMA requires dedication and hard work.

Vargas’s interest in combat sports began when he was a child, watching boxing matches with his father. Although he initially didn’t understand the sport, he cherished the time spent with his dad. As he grew older, Vargas started appreciating the intricacies and skills involved in boxing. Eventually, he gravitated towards Jiu-Jitsu and grappling, participating in various grappling tournaments.

One of Vargas’s favorite grappling techniques is the guillotine choke, which earned him the nickname ‘Magic Mike’ among his peers. Over the years, he honed his skills and expanded his repertoire. Vargas became a kickboxing coach and developed a passion for striking. However, he always falls back on his Jiu-Jitsu expertise when needed.

When it comes to competing, Vargas maintains a calm and focused mindset. He views each fight as an opportunity to have fun and let out his emotions. He doesn’t worry about his record or other trivial details. After a grueling fight, his main concern is indulging in a satisfying meal.

Vargas’s journey in MMA has been filled with valuable experiences. He found solace and therapy in the sport, using it as an outlet to release stress and negative emotions. Vargas also cherishes the friendships he has formed with fellow fighters, including those he has faced in the cage.

The MMA community, according to Vargas, transcends boundaries of gender, race, religion, and politics. Inside the gym, everyone is focused on personal growth and becoming better versions of themselves. Vargas believes that this sense of unity is what makes MMA truly special.

Currently training at Ground Zero in Fairfield, Vargas aspires to open his own gym in the future or take on a larger coaching role. He appreciates the slower pace of life in Iowa compared to the fast-paced environment of Connecticut. Vargas’s family is thriving in their new surroundings, and he feels grateful for the opportunities that have come their way.

In conclusion, Michael Vargas’s journey as an MMA fighter is a testament to his passion and dedication. From his humble beginnings to his impressive victories, Vargas continues to embrace the sport that captured his heart. Whether he competes, coaches, or opens his own gym, Vargas’s love for MMA remains unwavering.


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