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Stephen Thompson Issues Warning to Welterweight Division: Make Weight or Stay Home

Stephen Thompson issues a warning to the welterweight division, stating that opponents must make weight or the fight won’t happen. Read more about his stance and career impact.

Stephen Thompson, the two-time welterweight title challenger, has made it clear that he expects his opponents to make weight before stepping into the Octagon. In a recent interview with The MMA Hour, Thompson sent a strong message to the rest of the 170-pound division, stating that if they’re not on weight, the fight won’t happen.

Thompson, who withdrew from the UFC 291 pay-per-view card last month after his opponent came in three pounds over the welterweight limit, expressed his frustration with fighters who don’t take their weight seriously. He emphasized that he wants to fight fairly and not play any games.

This isn’t the first time Thompson has dealt with opponents missing weight. In a previous fight against Darren Till, who is known for his struggles on the scale, Thompson agreed to proceed with the bout despite Till missing weight by 3.5 pounds. Unfortunately, Thompson lost that fight by unanimous decision.

Now, at 40 years old, Thompson is determined to make a statement in the welterweight division. He is eyeing a return to the Octagon at UFC 295 in November.

Thompson’s Stand Against Weight Issues

Thompson’s decision to draw a line in the sand regarding weight issues is a bold move that showcases his commitment to fairness and integrity in the sport. By making it clear that he won’t tolerate opponents who don’t make weight, Thompson is setting a precedent for the division.

Weight cutting has long been a controversial topic in mixed martial arts. Fighters often push their bodies to extreme limits to make weight, which can have detrimental effects on their health and performance. Thompson’s stance against fighters who miss weight sends a message that the practice of weight cutting needs to be addressed and regulated.

The Impact on Thompson’s Career

Thompson’s insistence on fighting opponents who make weight is not just about fairness, but also about protecting his own career. By refusing to compete against fighters who miss weight, Thompson avoids potential disadvantages in the cage.

In his fight against Darren Till, Thompson faced an opponent who had a significant weight advantage. This likely played a role in the outcome of the fight, as Till was able to utilize his size and strength to secure a unanimous decision victory. Thompson’s decision to move forward with the fight despite Till’s weight miss was a testament to his willingness to take on challenges, but it ultimately didn’t work in his favor.

Thompson’s focus now is on UFC 295 , where he hopes to showcase his skills and make a statement in the welterweight division. By standing firm on his weight policy, Thompson is ensuring that he enters the cage on an even playing field.


  • Stephen Thompson warns welterweight division about his new pre-fight policy: make weight or don’t show up.
  • Thompson withdrew from UFC 291 after his opponent missed weight.
  • He previously fought Darren Till despite Till missing weight, resulting in a loss.
  • Thompson aims to return at UFC 295 in November.