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Tracy Cortez’s Surprising Hangout with Paulo Costa Raises Eyebrows

Tracy Cortez’s surprising hangout with Paulo Costa raises eyebrows among UFC fans. Read more to find out the mixed reactions and the impact on her career.

Key Points
Tracy Cortez shocks fans by posing for a picture with Paulo Costa
Mixed reactions from fans with compliments for Costa and jokes about Brian Ortega
Tracy Cortez’s rising career and high-profile relationship with Brian Ortega
Unexpected hangout raises questions about Cortez’s personal life and fighting career

Tracy Cortez, a flyweight in the UFC, stands out as one of the most skilled fighters in her division, rapidly advancing her career. Apart from her exceptional fighting abilities, Cortez has gained recognition for her remarkable attractiveness and her high-profile relationship with Brian Ortega, a UFC featherweight.

Tracy Cortez’s Unforeseen Encounter

However, Cortez shocked a lot of fans when she was recently seen posing for a picture with UFC middleweight Paulo Costa. The meme-god of UFC posted a picture on his official Twitter account and in the caption, he wrote: “Happy Friday.” Given that Brian Ortega and Tracy Cortez ended their relationship earlier this year, people couldn’t help but make fun of the UFC featherweight for seeing his ex-girlfriend hanging out with “Borrachinha.”

Mixed Reactions from Fans

In the post’s comments, they discussed their responses to Costa’s tweet. Many fans of Paulo Costa complimented the fighter for dating Cortez, and there was the obvious secret juice joke that was used very often. Most of the users mocked Ortega with hilarious memes and jokes.

Tracy Cortez’s Rising Career

Tracy Cortez’s fighting skills have been the talk of the town in the UFC flyweight division. With each fight, she continues to impress and rapidly advance her career. Her exceptional talent, combined with her remarkable attractiveness, has made her a standout in the industry.

A High-Profile Relationship

Cortez’s relationship with Brian Ortega, a UFC featherweight, has also gained significant attention. Their high-profile status as a couple made headlines, with fans closely following their journey. However, earlier this year, the couple decided to part ways, surprising many.

Unexpected Hangout with Paulo Costa

The recent picture of Tracy Cortez posing with Paulo Costa took fans by surprise. Given her previous relationship with Ortega, it was unexpected to see her socializing with another UFC fighter. The picture, posted by Costa on his official Twitter account, sparked a wave of reactions and discussions among fans.

Mixed Fan Reactions

Fans had mixed reactions to the picture. While some complimented Paulo Costa for dating Cortez, others took the opportunity to mock Brian Ortega with hilarious memes and jokes. The comments section became a battleground for fans expressing their opinions and humor.

The Future for Tracy Cortez

As Tracy Cortez’s career continues to soar, her personal life remains a topic of interest for many. Fans are curious to see how her association with Paulo Costa unfolds and whether it will have any impact on her fighting career.

In conclusion, Tracy Cortez’s hangout with Paulo Costa has raised eyebrows and sparked discussions among UFC fans. While some admire the unexpected pairing, others find humor in Brian Ortega’s reaction. As Cortez continues to make waves in the UFC, her personal life will undoubtedly remain a topic of fascination for fans.