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Jake Paul’s Ambitious Plan: Defeating Nate Diaz in MMA

Jake Paul sets his sights on defeating Nate Diaz in MMA. Despite already winning a boxing match, Paul believes he can conquer Diaz in the octagon. Read more.

Jake Paul, the undefeated boxing sensation, has set his sights on a new challenge – defeating Nate Diaz in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA). Despite already securing a victory over Diaz in their recent boxing match, Paul is eager to prove himself in the octagon.

In a recent interview on his brother Logan’s podcast, Paul expressed his confidence in his ability to conquer Diaz in the MMA realm. He even went as far as offering Diaz a rematch, this time under MMA rules, for a staggering $10 million. However, there are some obstacles to overcome before this dream match can become a reality.

One major hurdle is Paul’s current contract with the Professional Fighters League (PFL), which could potentially prevent him from competing in an MMA bout against Diaz. On the other hand, Diaz has hinted at a return to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) for future MMA fights. Despite the contractual complications, Paul remains undeterred.

The odds may be stacked against Paul in an MMA showdown with Diaz, as the veteran fighter is considered a massive favorite. However, Paul firmly believes that with enough training and dedication, he can bridge the experience gap and emerge victorious.

Paul’s strategy revolves around his proficiency in boxing. He argues that since MMA matches start standing up, his boxing skills will give him an advantage. He confidently asserts that if Diaz’s punches aren’t strong enough to hurt him, his kicks won’t pose a threat either. Paul also references a moment in their boxing match where Diaz momentarily had him locked in a guillotine choke, suggesting that under MMA rules, he could have secured a victory.

Despite Diaz’s expertise in various martial arts disciplines, Paul is convinced that he can prepare himself to counter Diaz’s attacks. He plans to learn how to defend against kicks and improve his takedown defense and wrestling skills. Paul believes that his superior wrestling experience and ability to anticipate Diaz’s moves will give him the upper hand.

While the MMA bout between Paul and Diaz is far from official, Paul remains optimistic about his chances. He acknowledges that he may participate in another boxing match before fully committing to the MMA world. However, he firmly believes that with eight to nine months of dedicated training, he can emerge victorious against Diaz in the octagon.

Fight Summary

Fighter Result
Jake Paul Win by UD
Nate Diaz Loss by UD

Key Points

  • Jake Paul expresses his desire to defeat Nate Diaz in an MMA bout
  • Paul offers Diaz a rematch under MMA rules for $10 million
  • Contractual complications may hinder Paul’s MMA debut
  • Diaz is considered a massive favorite in an MMA showdown
  • Paul believes his boxing skills will give him an advantage
  • Diaz jokes about technically winning under MMA rules
  • Paul plans to improve his takedown defense and wrestling skills
  • Another boxing match may precede Paul’s MMA debut
  • Paul is confident that with 8-9 months of training, he can beat Diaz in MMA