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Conor McGregor’s Return to the Octagon: A Solid Plan or Potential Roadblock?

Conor McGregor’s return to the octagon is highly anticipated. Find out about his upcoming fight against Michael Chandler and his plans for the future. Will McGregor’s solid plan lead to success or become a potential roadblock?

UFC 296 in December is shaping up to be a monumental event for mixed martial arts fans. The highly anticipated return of Conor McGregor, the biggest draw in MMA history, is on the horizon. McGregor, a former two-division champion with a record of 22-6, recently confirmed his plans to make a comeback in December. While the initial plan was for McGregor to headline the UFC’s final PPV of 2023 against former title challenger Michael Chandler (23-8), recent comments from the Irish fighter have sparked speculation about a potential change in opponent.

McGregor, who was in attendance at the Anthony Joshua fight over the weekend, took to social media to express his interest in fighting the newly crowned BMF Justin Gaethje (25-4). However, UFC President Dana White clarified that McGregor’s next fight will indeed be against Chandler, regardless of his recent comments. McGregor himself reaffirmed White’s statement in an interview with TalkSport, stating that he will be returning in December to take on Michael Chandler.

While McGregor admitted that he had to take the fight with Chandler, his lack of enthusiasm for the matchup was evident. The Irish fighter revealed that the Chandler fight is just the first step in his plan for the next year. After facing Chandler, McGregor expressed his desire to fight Gaethje for the BMF title. And if all goes according to plan, McGregor hopes to conclude his trilogy with Nate Diaz (21-13).

However, McGregor’s future in the UFC hinges on his performance against Chandler. If he fails to defeat the former title challenger, it remains uncertain whether he will continue his fighting career. After such a long road back to the octagon, it’s hard to imagine McGregor returning after another loss. On the other hand, a knockout victory over Chandler would propel McGregor forward and keep his plan on track.

As for Justin Gaethje, he is currently in line to fight the winner of the Islam Makhachev vs. Charles Oliveira matchup, scheduled for the first half of 2024. Whether Gaethje becomes the UFC champion or not, a fight against McGregor would still hold significance and generate massive interest in the second half of 2024.

In conclusion, Conor McGregor’s return to the octagon is eagerly anticipated by fans worldwide. While his plan for the next year includes high-profile matchups against Michael Chandler, Justin Gaethje, and Nate Diaz, it all starts with his fight against Chandler in December. The outcome of that bout will determine McGregor’s future in the UFC and set the stage for what could be an exciting year of fights.

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