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The Controversial Slams: Jarred Brooks’ Unfortunate History

Read about Jarred Brooks’ unfortunate history with slams in MMA fights. From his recent disqualification at ONE 166 to a previous incident in the UFC, learn about the impact of these controversial moves on his career.

Title Outcome
Jarred Brooks vs. Joshua Pacio at ONE 166 Disqualification
Jarred Brooks vs. Jose Torres in the UFC Knocked himself out

Jarred Brooks’ recent disqualification at ONE 166 and his previous knockout incident in the UFC highlight the unfortunate consequences of his slam attempts. Discover more about his controversial history with slams in MMA fights.

At ONE 166: Qatar earlier this month, the highly anticipated clash between Jarred Brooks and Joshua Pacio for the ONE strawweight MMA world title ended in a disqualification. In a shocking turn of events, ‘The Monkey God’ botched a slam that resulted in ‘The Passion’ being spiked directly on his head.

According to the Global Mixed Martial Arts Rule Set followed by ONE, dropping an opponent on their head, neck, or spine is strictly prohibited and can lead to disqualification based on the severity of the damage.

Unfortunately for Brooks, this accidental move led to his disqualification, making Joshua Pacio the new world champion.

Brooks Reflects on the Outcome

In an interview with The MMA Superfan on YouTube, Brooks shared his thoughts on the result and its impact:

"This experience has taught me valuable lessons both inside and outside the ring. Learning from this incident will only make me stronger. I’m relieved that Joshua [Pacio] is okay and ready to move forward. I hope we can have a rematch soon, and I appreciate his willingness to do so. It’s undoubtedly a challenging situation for both of us and our teams. Unbelievable on all fronts."

You can watch the full interview here.

Brooks’ Unfortunate Slam History

This isn’t the first time Jarred Brooks has faced defeat due to a slam. Apart from his disqualification against Joshua Pacio at ONE 166, ‘The Monkey God’ also experienced a similar outcome in a previous fight.

In 2018, during his UFC bout against Jose Torres, Brooks attempted a slam but made a critical error. Instead of rotating Torres sideways, he chose to slam him backward. As a result, Brooks slammed the back of his head, knocking himself out and handing Torres the victory.

It’s clear that Brooks has had a tumultuous relationship with slams in his career. Will he avoid them in a potential Pacio trilogy? Only time will tell.