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Wichita Falls MMA Fighter Returns to the Octagon for Final Fight

Read about Wichita Falls native Robert Bubba McDaniel’s return to the octagon after a five-year hiatus. Explore the upcoming MMA event, the tragic loss of McDaniel’s son, and the legal battle faced by his wife. Discover how McDaniel is moving forward and embracing a new chapter in his life.

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Wichita Falls Native Robert Bubba McDaniel Prepares for MMA Comeback

After a five-year hiatus, Wichita Falls native Robert Bubba McDaniel is gearing up for his return to the octagon . Read on to learn more about his journey and what led him to this moment.

Showdown in the Falls: The First MMA Fight of This Caliber in Wichita Falls

Discover the details of the upcoming Showdown in the Falls event, set to take place on June 24, 2023. Get ready for a night of intense MMA action as McDaniel faces off against Brian Houston in the main event.

Bubba McDaniel’s Last Hoo-Rah for MMA

As McDaniel prepares for what he considers his final fight in the MMA world, he reflects on his career and shares his thoughts on the significance of ending it in his hometown. Learn more about his journey and his aspirations for the future.

The Tragic Loss of Bubba McDaniel’s Son

Explore the heartbreaking story of Bubba McDaniel’s son, Wilder, who was tragically murdered at the age of two. Discover how this devastating event impacted McDaniel’s life and his motivation to seek justice for his son.

Amber McDaniel’s Legal Battle and the Fight for Justice

Dive into the legal battle faced by Amber McDaniel, Wilder’s mother, as she prepares to face the consequences of her involvement in the case. Learn about the challenges she has faced and the public opinion surrounding her actions.

Moving Forward: A New Chapter for Bubba McDaniel

Find out how Bubba McDaniel is navigating life after tragedy and his hopes for the future. Discover the role his new child, Phoenix, plays in his journey of healing and growth.