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Amanda Nunes’ Retirement Sparks Controversy: Julianna Peña’s Disrespectful Actions

Read about the controversy surrounding Amanda Nunes’ retirement and Julianna Peña’s disrespectful actions. Maycee Barber shares her opinion on Nunes’ retirement decision. Find more details and quotes in this article.

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Amanda Nunes’ Retirement and Julianna Peña’s Reaction

Earlier this month, Amanda Nunes, the legendary mixed martial artist, announced her retirement after a dominant performance in her title defense against Irene Aldana at UFC 289. While many praised Nunes for her remarkable career, Julianna Peña, a former opponent of Nunes, had a different reaction.

Peña, who was supposed to complete her trilogy with Nunes but was forced out due to injury, expressed her disappointment and even heckled Nunes during her retirement speech. This disrespectful behavior didn’t sit well with others in the MMA community.

Maycee Barber ‘s Opinion on Nunes’ Retirement

Maycee Barber , a flyweight contender, shared her thoughts on Nunes’ retirement during a media day interview. Barber commended Nunes for her accomplishments and contributions to women’s MMA. However, she criticized Peña’s actions and negative tweets about Nunes’ performance and retirement decision.