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Conor McGregor punched elderly man in a Irish Pub

TMZ reported about incident happened in some Irish pub showing the video of Conor McGregor punched elderly man at the bar.  The attack happened in The Marble Arch Pub in Dublin on April 6.

Video shows Conor entering the bar  apparently wanted to buy a round of his Proper 12 to everyone at the bar. He put the glasses in front of couple people at the bae, but one elderly gentleman refuse the to accept the glass. He took the glass which Conor placed in front of him and move it away. Then Conor puts another whiskey glass in front of him but the gentleman moves it away again.

It is not clear from the video has have been some words exchanged but at one moment Conor punched the elderly gentleman at the bar and he was escorted immediately by his friends outside of the bar.