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Daniel Cormier begging Stipe for a rematch

Stipe Miocic was in the audience of UFC Boston and in one moment  he was placed in a split screen with Daniel Cormier who was commentating the fights. Soon as he realised that they are in the same screen, Daniel Cormier  started doing gimmick to ask Stipe for one more fight. He even put his hand together to a  begging gesture.
However, when Stipe realised that he is sharing the screen with Daniel, he turned his head away not showing any interest for  his gimmick.

It is interesting how tables are turned, because not so long ago, it was Stipe who was demanding the fight with Daniel, not really begging, but refusing the fight anyone else until he gets the rematch. And to be honest, he should have got that rematch much earlier, because before he lost the fight against Daniel he was most dominant UFC heavyweight champion in the history and he was not given prompt rematch.
At that time Daniel was tweeting and finding different reasons to not fight Stipe, he wanted to fight Brock Lesnar: