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Drake Curse – is it real?

This has become kind of a meme. Who ever take a picture with Drake he is going to lose the next fight or any other sport competition game. Latest example was Anthony Joshua who took the picture with Drake and put description on it:

“Bout the break the curse #June1st”

But he lost against Andy Ruiz which was a big upset in boxing world.


We all remember that Conor McGregor also took a picture with Drake before his fight against Khabib and he lost as well.
Soon after a Joshua fight was over, Conor’s coach posted tweet:

“If drake ever tries visit my gym he’s getting roundhoused”

But this is not applying only on fighting sports, football club AS Roma couple weeks ago tweeted:

“All Roma players banned from taking photos with Drake until the end of the season”

And list goes on and on, here are some tweets regarding the #DrakeCurse: