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Eddi Alvarez goes to ONE Championship?

Former UFC champion Eddie Alvarez is a free agent and according to multiple sources he is very close to sign with ONE Championship fighting promotion.

Alvarez was a UFC lightweight champion until he lost the title agains Conor McGregor, in a pretty much one way fight. After that Alvarez had 1 win 2 losses and 1 no contest match and this was not very interesting for Dana White who decided to not sign the new contract with him.
In a interview for http://podbay.fm/show/1124228879/e/1533625260?autostart=1 Dana said:

I told him that. I told him, ‘Listen, if you want to finish your career with me I would like that. If you want to finish your career somewhere else, I have no problem with that either, man.’ When guys get to the point where it’s the last contract they’ll ever sign, I understand.