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McGregor met with Mike Tyson

Conor McGregor posted on his Instagram photo of Mike Tyson. Conor met with the legendary boxer in Dublin and wrote a long post about him. He wrote about his not good relation in past, about mike financial decisions, marijuana…

Here is what he wrote:

I went to see Mike Tyson last night in the Helix, Dublin, Ireland.
I love and respect Mike Tyson.
And I love the Helix. I won my first World Title here, and also my second.
It was good to meet you Mike.
You spoke some things about me in the past which I did not like and I was happy to speak to you face to face, put it to bed and have some fun. You are in good spirits and I was happy to see this!
I will always have the height of respect for you!
Some decisions you have made around your finances I do not agree with. As a fighter you must fight here. The most.
And this is a fight that never ends. It is even a fight that we pass on to our next in line. Our blood line.
Make sure you stay switched on with those around you at all times. You have good people around you now, I can tell. But stay switched on.
Your Marijuana strain that you grow on your own ranch “KO Kush” is really nice.
It was an honour to taste it and I wish you and your team all the best with this endeavor.
Just remember, if someone tries to rip you. Rip their nose off their face.
You are a fighting icon and deserve endless love and respect! And from me, you will always have it!
Don’t let anyone take anything from you.
You owe nobody nothing. It is you who is owed.
Always remember that.
I love you Mike! Iron Mike Tyson!
Here is an iconic photograph as a gift from me to you, from head photographer at @mcgregorproductions , @ginger_beard_photos