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The Rock’s UFC Shoe Collection Faces Backlash from Fighters

UFC fighters express dissatisfaction with Dwayne Johnson’s shoe collection in collaboration with the UFC. Tanner Boser and Nate Diaz criticize the brand. Read more.

The Rock’s UFC Shoe Collection Faces Backlash from Fighters

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has recently made a promising deal with the UFC. Famous Sports company Underarmour helped Johnson launch his shoe collection called ‘Project Rock.’ This shoe company has collaborated with Dana White’s UFC to sign a contract allowing UFC athletes to wear Dwayne’s shoes.

However, the collaboration between Johnson and Dana White did not meet expectations. Several UFC fighters who endorsed the sports shoes have expressed their dissatisfaction with the deal. One of them is UFC heavyweight Tanner Boser. In an interview with veteran journalist James Lynch, Boser criticized the non-payment of product endorsements by sponsors, including Dwayne Johnson’s shoe company.

The claims made by Boser have not been confirmed or denied by “The Rock.” It is crucial for Johnson to address these allegations promptly to protect his reputation. Another UFC star, Nate Diaz, also voiced his concerns about the new shoe collection during a media interview at UFC 279. Diaz’s negative opinion could potentially affect the reputation of the shoe brand.

It remains to be seen how this backlash will impact the collaboration between Dwayne Johnson, Underarmour, and the UFC. The success of ‘Project Rock’ may depend on how the issues raised by the fighters are addressed and resolved.

Fight Results

Fighter Result
Tanner Boser Dissatisfied with non-payment of endorsements
Nate Diaz Criticized the shoe collection