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PFL Season 5 Finals: Collard vs. Aubin-Mercier, Magomedkerimov vs. Sy

Get ready for the PFL Season 5 finals featuring Clay Collard vs. Olivier Aubin-Mercier and Magomed Magomedkerimov vs. Sadibou Sy. Exciting fights and high stakes await!

The Professional Fighters League (PFL) Season 5 finals are set to take place in the lightweight and welterweight tournaments. Clay Collard will face Olivier Aubin-Mercier in the 155-pound finals, while Magomed Magomedkerimov will go up against Sadibou Sy for the 170-pound championship.

Collard, known for his thrilling fights, closed the show with a spectacular performance against Shane Burgos. The fight was hailed as a potential ‘Fight of the Year’ candidate, with both fighters displaying incredible skill and determination. Over 600 strikes were thrown, showcasing the frenetic and brutal pace at which they competed.

In the end, Collard’s early work proved to be the difference-maker. Despite a valiant surge from Burgos in the final round, Collard’s second-round knockdown and overall performance earned him a unanimous decision victory.

Meanwhile, Olivier Aubin-Mercier secured his spot in the finals with a dominant performance against Bruno Miranda. Aubin-Mercier showcased his ground and pound skills, overwhelming Miranda and forcing the referee to intervene in the second round.

Sadibou Sy, the Season 4 champion, faced a tough challenge from Carlos Leal. Leal executed his game plan effectively in the first round, but Sy showcased his versatility and resilience. He fought off takedowns and even reversed a mount transition in the third round, ultimately securing a split decision victory.

Magomed Magomedkerimov, the Season 1 champion, continued his impressive run by defeating Solomon Renfro. Magomedkerimov utilized his striking and takedown skills to control the fight, earning a unanimous decision victory.

In addition to the tournament finals, Biaggio Ali Walsh, the grandson of the legendary Muhammad Ali, showcased his knockout power once again. He delivered a devastating three-punch combination that sent Ed Davis to the canvas in the second round.

The PFL Season 5 finals promise to be an exciting night of high-stakes fights and incredible performances. Fans can expect fireworks as the fighters battle it out for the chance to become PFL champions and secure their share of the $1 million prize.

PFL Season 5 Finals Fight Results

Fight Result
Clay Collard vs. Shane Burgos Collard def. Burgos via unanimous decision
Olivier Aubin-Mercier vs. Bruno Miranda Aubin-Mercier def. Miranda via TKO
Sadibou Sy vs. Carlos Leal Sy def. Leal via split decision
Magomed Magomedkerimov vs. Solomon Renfro Magomedkerimov def. Renfro via unanimous decision
Biaggio Ali Walsh vs. Ed Davis Ali Walsh def. Davis via TKO

Key Points

  • Clay Collard and Olivier Aubin-Mercier will face off in the lightweight finals.
  • Magomed Magomedkerimov and Sadibou Sy will compete for the welterweight championship.
  • Collard’s early work and knockdown secured him a victory over Shane Burgos.
  • Aubin-Mercier showcased his ground and pound skills to defeat Bruno Miranda.
  • Sy fought off takedowns and reversed a mount transition to secure a victory over Carlos Leal.
  • Magomedkerimov utilized his striking and takedown skills to control the fight against Solomon Renfro.
  • Biaggio Ali Walsh, the grandson of Muhammad Ali, delivered another knockout victory.