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Georges St-Pierre’s Comeback: Exclusive Interview Ahead of UFC 290

Georges St-Pierre is making headlines once again as he prepares to step back into the octagon for UFC 290. In an exclusive interview, he shared his thoughts on his return, his motivations, and his vision for the sport. As a UFC legend and former two-division champion, St-Pierre’s comeback has generated immense curiosity among fans and the MMA community. Let’s delve into his interview and discover what he had to say.

The announcement of St-Pierre’s return came as a surprise to many. When asked about how he feels now that the news is out, St-Pierre expressed his excitement. He mentioned that one of the reasons for his comeback is his love for the sport and the adrenaline rush that comes with competing. He emphasized the importance of feeling the support and love from the fans, highlighting that it fuels his motivation.

Before committing to this comeback, St-Pierre had hinted at the possibility of grappling but ruled out a return to fighting. However, after a meeting with UFC staff a few months ago, where they expressed interest in promoting submission wrestling and jiu-jitsu, St-Pierre found himself intrigued. He realized that these disciplines are more accessible to a wider range of people compared to mixed martial arts, which carries a higher risk of injuries. At 42 years old, St-Pierre acknowledged that his priorities have shifted, but he still loves training and competing. This made the decision to return a perfect fit for him.

When questioned about his weight class, St-Pierre mentioned that he could still compete at 170 pounds. Unlike many fighters, he has never been a fan of drastic weight cuts and maintains his muscle mass consistently. St-Pierre revealed that fasting helped him overcome a condition of ulcer colitis and improve his overall health. Feeling healthy and blessed, he emphasized his excitement about getting back in the ring.

However, concerns were raised about St-Pierre’s ambitions. Would competing against fighters in his own weight class be enough, or would he miss the allure of big arenas and larger-than-life opponents? St-Pierre’s goal is clear. He intends to take submission wrestling to a bigger stage, promoting the sport and aiming to make it an Olympic event once again. With December 14th hosting a significant event, St-Pierre’s mission is to serve the sport, the fans, and the organization in the best possible way.

The interview continued with St-Pierre being asked to rank three names: Demian Maia, Kamaru Usman, and Anderson Silva, in terms of attractiveness for potential matches. While St-Pierre admitted that all three options are appealing, he emphasized the importance of different fighters’ agendas and availability. His intention is to compete against someone the fans want to see him face, whether it’s a current or former UFC fighter. Ultimately, his goal is to provide the best experience for everyone involved.

When questioned about a potential rematch with Khabib Nurmagomedov, St-Pierre acknowledged that it could be a possibility. However, he also acknowledged the varying agendas and schedules of fighters, making it necessary to assess who is available when making a decision. St-Pierre’s focus remains on promoting the event and attracting more fighters to join in the future.

Reflecting on the sport’s growth, St-Pierre expressed his optimism. With MMA already having a global presence and immense popularity in certain regions, he believes it will continue to expand. St-Pierre envisions the sport becoming even more prominent in terms of viewership and fan support.

Georges St-Pierre‘s comeback for UFC 290 is generating significant buzz. His interview provides a glimpse into his motivations, aspirations, and his desire to take submission wrestling to greater heights. As fans eagerly anticipate his return, St-Pierre’s dedication to the sport and his vision for its future make this comeback a must-watch event.