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Weigh-In Highlights UFC 290: Fighters’ Official Weights

The main event of UFC 290 features the reigning and defending undisputed UFC flyweight champion, Brandon Moreno. During the weigh-in, Moreno confidently stepped onto the scale, tipping it at 125 lbs. This marks his first UFC title fight, and fans are eagerly anticipating his performance in the octagon.

UFC 290 official Weigh-in results

Alexander Volkanovsky145 lbs
Yair Rodriguez145 lbs
Brandon Moreno125 lbs
Alessandre Pantoja
Brandon Royval125 lbs
Dan Hooker155.5 lbs
Robert “The Reaper” Whitaker185 lbs
Denisi Gomes115 lbs
Kamuela Kirk170 lbs
Terence Mitchell155 lbs
Bo Nickel129 lbs
Dricus Du Plessis186 lbs
Phil Rowe
Tatsuro Tyra130 lbs
Jesus Aguilar126 lbs
Alonso Menifield205.5 lbs
Shannon Ross
Mark Sheen Pracnio206 lbs
Esteban Ribovics156 lbs
Nico “The Hybrid” Price171 lbs
Robbie Lawler170.5 lbs
Jalen Turner158 lbs

Another exciting matchup is the flyweight title fight between Brandon Royval and Alessandre Pantoja. Pantoja, as a backup for the flyweight title fight, made weight at 125 lbs, ensuring that he is ready to step in if needed. Both fighters displayed their determination to secure victory in this high-stakes encounter.

Moving up to the light heavyweight division, we have the highly ranked contender, Robert “The Reaper” Whitaker, who weighed in at 185 lbs. Whitaker’s dedication to his training and his remarkable skills make him a formidable opponent for anyone in the division.

The event also showcases a welterweight bout between Kamuela Kirk and Denisi Gomes. Kirk hit the scale at 170 lbs, showing his readiness to step into the octagon and put on an exciting show for the fans. On the other hand, Gomes, with a weight of 115 lbs, is prepared to go toe-to-toe with Kirk and make a statement in the welterweight division.

Terence Mitchell, competing in the lightweight division, weighed in at 155 lbs. Mitchell’s discipline and hard work in training have paid off, as he prepares to enter the octagon and face his opponent with determination and skill.

In the middleweight division, Bo Nickel, with a weight of 186 lbs, looks to showcase his talent and secure a victory. His opponent, Jack Della Madalena, tipped the scale at 171 lbs, proving that he is in great shape for their matchup.

As the event progresses, we will witness the exciting performances of fighters like Tatsuro Tyra, Jesus Aguilar, Alonso Menifield, Nico Price, and many more. These talented athletes, with their official weights ranging from 126 lbs to 206 lbs, are all set to put on a spectacular show for the fans watching live on ABC and ESPN.

One notable presence in the lightweight division is the number 11 ranked UFC lightweight contender, Jalen Turner. He weighed in at 158 lbs, slightly exceeding the 156 lbs limit. However, Turner will still be competing in the event, and fans can expect an intense battle as he looks to overcome the weight disadvantage and deliver an impressive performance.

The weigh-in ceremony for UFC 290 provided fans with a glimpse into the upcoming action-packed event. With fighters from various divisions making weight and displaying their determination, we can expect an unforgettable night of thrilling matchups and jaw-dropping moments. Stay tuned for UFC 290 and witness the incredible skills of these athletes as they step into the octagon to compete for glory.