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Israel Adesanya defeated Robert Whittacker and became undisputed champion

UFC 243, Melbourne, Australia, main event…Australian champion Robert Whittacker is defending his title at home soil against young challenger…and things are not going well for defending champion.

Round 1

Robert started throwing wild jabs from the distance followed by 1-2 combination. In the beginning of the round he did caught Adesanya couple of times because these long distance jabs were fast and they were coming from strange angles. Adesanya adapted his movement to this unusual attacks from Robert and started counter them with his own 1-2 hooks/uppercut combination. At first he was not getting the target, but then and the end of the round  he finally lands perfect counter right uppercut and Whittacker fell down on his back visibly rocked. Adesanya jumps in, but sound of horn for the end of the round stops him and saves Whittacker.
Whittacker stood up, his walk to the corner was little bit wobbly.

Round 2

Adesanya is now aware what is coming from Robert and how to counter it. So, now he is mostly focused on counter attacks and let Robert follow him, waiting to counter his long distance jabs. Robert throwed couple of and some of them even landed on Adesanya, but then in one of these exchanges, Adesanya counter with  perfect left hook and  Whittacker goes down. Adesanya jumped and lands couple of more punches before referee stopped the fight at round 2 3:33.

Israel Adesanya is the new middleweight undisputed UFC champion.After less than two years in the UFC, he achieved this big goal. But in every interview, it was clear that he has defined his path with a clear vision and for now everything is going as planned for champion Israel Adesanya.