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Max Holloway Wants Michael Jordan Treatment: Willing to Ignore UFC’s Uniform Rules for Nike Sponsorship

Max Holloway is willing to ignore the UFC’s uniform rules for the right kind of sponsorship. Read about his desire for a Nike sponsorship and the possibility of disregarding the rules for the culture.

Max Holloway Wants Michael Jordan Treatment

The UFC’s uniform rules put a lot of restrictions on what fighters can wear and when. Max Holloway is willing to ignore those rules for the right kind of sponsorship.

Holloway has positioned himself into being a hardcore fan’s delight, always willing to throw down and having the skills to beat anyone at featherweight not named Alexander Volkanovski. He has a unique and interesting personality, which is translated into the Octagon by way of an all-action style with an unyielding pace.

Typically speaking, Max Holloway is not someone who finds himself at odds with or talking bad about the UFC.

However, that all might change if he is able to secure his dream sponsorship.

Speaking on the Full Size Run podcast, the topic got brought up of the shoe deal that the UFC signed with ‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson’s brand, which left some fighters feeling unimpressed.

While Holloway did not badmouth the shoes, he did float the idea of him being willing to wear some Nikes, if the iconic shoe brand would be willing to pay his fines like they did for Michael Jordan.

‘I mean, it is what it is, bro,’ Holloway said. ‘I like Rock. I know him, I know his agency and stuff. They’re all cool guys, but at the end of the day, I’m just saying, the movie Air just dropped. You guys showed how you went after Michael Jordan, Nike. Why don’t you guys step into a whole new realm, of MMA fighting in the Octagon, and let’s get it. I know you guys paid the fine for Jordan, pay the fine for me. Let me use them for walkouts, create this whole buzz, and let’s get it…I can use Air Maxes, or Max Air, you know what I mean? We can be Max Airs, flip it around. We can do all that good stuff.’

The idea of Max Holloway disregarding the UFC’s rules and Nike footing the bill is an incredible thought. Hopefully they can reach some sort of agreement, strictly for the culture.