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Max Holloway vs Alexander Volkanovski – video highlights

Alexander Volkanovski defeated Max Holloway by decision:48-47, 48-47, 50-45 . Here is play by play and video highlights:

Round 1

Holloway took the center of of octagon and already putting pressure on Alexander, but he also landed couple of nice counter punches. Volkanovski has a big heavy hands, and he is countering every Max’s attack by throwing big power punches.Max landed nice low kick, while keeping the pressure on Alexander.
Take down attempt by Volkanovski with one minute to go, but stopped by Max.  Last minute of the first round Volkanovski landed some leg kicks and he took over the control of octagon.


Round 2

Volkanovski landed couple of leg kicks, Max is not checking them. Alexander now is combinnig attacks between going for leg kicks and going of  straight punches. Max landed combination of 4-5 straight punches,Alexander answers with the leg kick. Max switched stance to protect the left leg, but Alexander attacked right leg as well. Nice 1-2 combination by Max. Round is finished by Alexander landing couple of leg kicks on Max’s right leg.


Round 3

Max started as south pole stance, protecting that left leg form more low kicks. Alexander is taking the octagon control, landing couple of 1-2 punch combination. Alexander landed a nice elbow.  Nice combinations by Alexander, leg kick followed by 1-2 straight punches combination. Alexander is attacking and landing some nice punches. Good knee by Max, catches Alexander while he moves forward. Max throws spinning elbow and misses for the end of the fight.


Round 4

Nice right hand by  Alexander, Max stopped for a second but just to throw nice right hand by himself. Takedown attempt by Alexander stopped by Max. Nice combinations by Alexander, followed by big uppercut. Max can not find his rhytm,  in every exchange  Alexander is the one who is finishing it with last strong punch.
Round is over and looks like Alexander is winning this fight.

Round 5

Nice high kick by Aexander, followed by couple of nice combinations. Max is not finding the answer. Nice right to the body by the champ.Max starts to find the range here, landing couple of good punches followed by body kick. Another leg kick by Alexander, 69th which landed on Max. Nice elbow by Alexander followed by right hook. Takedown attempt by Volkanovski, stopped by Max but he eats and elbow on the way out. Max is pressing Alexander, lands nice uppercut.

Fight is over. It was very close, it could go either way, let’s wait for judge decisions.


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