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Can Jake Paul Give Nate Diaz a Run for His Money in an MMA Bout?

Can Jake Paul give Nate Diaz a run for his money in an MMA bout? Despite Diaz’s reputation, Dan Hardy believes that Paul could pose a challenge. Read more to find out!

In a surprising turn of events, Jake Paul emerged victorious over Nate Diaz in a recent boxing match at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. While many MMA fans dismiss the idea of a rematch in the MMA arena, Dan Hardy believes that Paul could pose a challenge to Diaz. Speaking on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Hardy expressed his belief that an MMA fight between the two could be more competitive than expected.

Hardy acknowledged Paul’s willingness to stand and trade punches with Diaz, showcasing his boxing skills. He also noted that Diaz’s boxing looked impressive on the night of the boxing match. Despite Diaz’s reputation as a striker, Hardy pointed out that he was never known for his kicking abilities, which could level the playing field in a striking sense.

Furthermore, Hardy highlighted Paul’s dedication to his training by surrounding himself with knowledgeable coaches and investing in his skills. With the financial resources at his disposal, Paul is determined to make a successful transition to MMA. Although Paul is expected to compete in the PFL, there is uncertainty regarding Diaz’s willingness to sign with the promotion.

Diaz has expressed interest in returning to the UFC or competing under his own promotional banner, Real Fight Inc. If a co-promotion agreement can be reached between the PFL and Real Fight Inc., or if Paul decides to fight under a different banner, Hardy would be intrigued to witness the matchup. While he predicts Diaz would ultimately secure a victory, Hardy believes that Paul could put up a fight and make it a competitive bout.

Despite Diaz’s experience and submission skills, Hardy acknowledged that Diaz is approaching 40 and has accumulated significant wear and tear throughout his career. This factor could potentially slow him down and make him vulnerable to Paul’s attacks. Although Diaz would likely submit Paul, Hardy emphasized that Paul should not be underestimated.

In conclusion, the possibility of a rematch between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz in the MMA arena is not as far-fetched as some may think. While Diaz is favored to win, Paul’s boxing skills and dedication to his training could make him a formidable opponent. MMA fans eagerly await the outcome of this potential matchup.