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Bruce Buffer to Ngannou – you will become irrelevant

UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou was a guest in Bruce Buffer’s podcast ‘It’s time‘. They have talked about many different topics including the Ngannou contract with the UFC saga.

Status with Ngannou vs UFC contract is little bit tricky. Francis just fought his last fight in his UFC contract, unhappy with the current treatment and money UFC is willing to pay him he refused to sign new contract. But the UFC have champion clause in the contract, which means if you win your last fight and become/stay champion your contract is automatically extended to one more fight, but contract can not be longer than 5 year. So, the situation is little bit tricky, UFC heavyweight champion wants to leave the organisation which is not good picture for UFC. Francis decided to wait until these 5-year-contract is expired, which is the end of this year.

Of course this situation is not beneficial for UFC, they do not want their heavyweight champion leaves the organisation and do not want to fight because of bad treatment. One option is that they can strip Ngannou of his title, but this would mean that automatically contract is over. So basically, Ngannou have the final move.

Bruce Buffer is long time UFC octagon announcer, and absolutely legendary voice of the octagon He had some warning words about Ngannou’s carrier:

No offense to other organizations, but you become irrelevant when you leave the UFC after a while. Instead of losing in the UFC your contract is being ended in the UFC and you fall from the Octagon down into the Bellators.

Bruce Buffer