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Masvidal: I want Conor McGregor

In  an interview for ESPN, asked about who he wants next, Jorge Masvidal called out Conor McGregor. And looks like Conor like the idea. His last tweet could be confirmation to this challenge.

Talking about who could he fight next, “Cuban Jesus” said:

“i want Kamaru Usman, but he is injured all the time. Another guy that interested me is… it’s just a fight… if we made it, it’s gonna sell out, i am gonna get the money i deserved..
i want McGregor

Conor is officially retired, but everybody knows that he will be back when the right fight comes, and looks like that this could be the one. Soon after the interview with Jorge came out, Conor McGregor Tweeted this:

“I’d tell you i’m done but you wouldn’ believe me.

Are we going to see Conor McGregor vs Jorge Masvidal soon?