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Shaquille O’neal headbanging in Mosh pit

Shaquille O’neal was seen in a Tomorrowland music festival in a first row headbanging. That scene will stick to your memory, Shaq: 2,15m /150kg, spill the drink over his shoulder  and started headbanging in a techno rhythm surrounded by other “short” party people in a first row.

In a second video you san see Shaq jumping in a mosh pit, unreal  🙂

Shaq is a big fan of electronic music, he was also a performer in tomorrowland 2015 as DJ Diesel. That show you can watch here.


MMA is a another passion for Shaq,  he shared an octagon with Forrest Griffin in a grappling match. It was a close fight, but at the end Claudia Gadelha choke him out.